The Best

Far from a box of chocolates, Life resembles a Jenga tower  Of carefully crafted experiences Designed by a revolving door of opponents Sliding, pecking, shimmying, tugging, Some presenting challenging moves, Others merely provoking in nature, Before that inevitable destabilising affair That leaves you questioning your  Beliefs, your steadfast loyalty, your Basic instincts; and yet, there’s … Continue reading The Best

White Jasmines

On some days, her vessel feels akin to A tub of ice cream that’s been hollowed  Out of cheeriness, a void borne of acerbic Text exchanges, unyielding lovers,  Debilitating familial obligations, Signed legal dramas and Cremated dreams.  On others, it’s scraped clean by Favourite t-shirts unravelling, Overshot highway exits, spilled coffee, Returned packages, and wilted … Continue reading White Jasmines