I’d like to think that my forte is fiction writing. Hence, this sort of pensive non-fictional writing may come off a little forced. Most people turn to digital media to express the wanderings of their souls. As a tragically ungifted visual artist, I can only serve as an audience to beauty created by other beings. … Continue reading Prologue



This is my submission for the second round of the Yeah Write Super Challenge #4. I didn't make it to the next round, but I'm decently satisfied with my work, and I hope you enjoy it too! * A pebble dug deep into the curve of her bare foot, shooting threads of pain up her … Continue reading Nadia

The Coliseum and the Girl

She marches, miles away from home, Yet holding her own, wading further away, fighting the currents. Yearning for friendships long rusted by distance and time zones, The belief in belonging nearly withered, but not. Mild intoxication is all it takes to scratch the surface: Oozing insecurities, fatal inexperience, grave misdeeds. Faltering her steps, while on … Continue reading The Coliseum and the Girl


The War was over. The sky matched the ebony of the earth beneath, the silence reverberated across the valley. The War... Was it, though? The smoke spoke of fireballs descending from above, the abnormal mass of smaller blackened bodies suggested a massacre. The War was over.

Family Law

The rain-splattered windows cast speckled shadows across the wooden floorboards. Max nursed her third stout of the night gloomily, despite her win at court that morning. Was the lenient judge the reason for her success? Or her own proficiency? 'Twas indiscernible to her; as she'd inherited both the Judge's name and legacy.