In Retrospect

What a year it has been— and my understanding of world events only spans the most popular conversations on Reddit forums. However, while we watched the world as we know it cease to exist in 2017, I personally made strides toward better mental health. It’s been a struggle since I first moved out to the … Continue reading In Retrospect


Candy Floss

I recently participated in Yeah Write's Super Challenge #4, and this is my submission during the first round. I'm still getting back into the groove, but here you are!  (CW: Death, Word Count: 996) I. ‘Jai! We’ve got to leave soon or the tickets will be sold out!’ Trish heard a garbled shout of acknowledgement … Continue reading Candy Floss

The Coliseum and the Girl

She marches, miles away from home, Yet holding her own, wading further away, fighting the currents. Yearning for friendships long rusted by distance and time zones, The belief in belonging nearly withered, but not. Mild intoxication is all it takes to scratch the surface: Oozing insecurities, fatal inexperience, grave misdeeds. Faltering her steps, while on … Continue reading The Coliseum and the Girl