Should’ve Would’ve Could’ve

The clock strikes seven, daylight's slipping away The TV's been turned down, the dishes washed up It's time for that nightly ritual Another record set on the turntable.   Uncork the wine, light those scented candles, Unlatch the back door, step out into the salty air Welcome the creeping chill, sink my toes into the … Continue reading Should’ve Would’ve Could’ve

Charlie Brown

It doesn’t hit me as I wake up curled against you on our last morning together. It doesn’t hit me as I crack an egg against the frying pan for breakfast. It doesn’t hit me as we load your bags into the car, or even as you disappear behind the double doors labelled departures. I … Continue reading Charlie Brown

Seeking: Un-solitary Non-confinement

Do you catch a waft of silent desperation? Hanging in the air Over my failed baking experiments Do my punchlines sound rehearsed? From the hours I spend, facing a mirror Perfecting my deliveries   Can you sense my uneasiness? When asked a personal question About a past riddled with broken relationships Do you recognise my … Continue reading Seeking: Un-solitary Non-confinement

The Coliseum and the Girl

She marches, miles away from home, Yet holding her own, wading further away, fighting the currents. Yearning for friendships long rusted by distance and time zones, The belief in belonging nearly withered, but not. Mild intoxication is all it takes to scratch the surface: Oozing insecurities, fatal inexperience, grave misdeeds. Faltering her steps, while on … Continue reading The Coliseum and the Girl


The War was over. The sky matched the ebony of the earth beneath, the silence reverberated across the valley. The War... Was it, though? The smoke spoke of fireballs descending from above, the abnormal mass of smaller blackened bodies suggested a massacre. The War was over.