The Pocket Check

(Wallet) She was seven when she needed to store change for the ice-cream truck, (Wallet, keys) Seventeen when Dad gave her the keys to his old van, (Phone, wallet, keys) Twenty-three when work decided to follow her around. Seasons came and went, sunglasses replaced gloves, inhalers replaced umbrellas. (Phone, wallet, keys, sanitizer, mask) But for the … Continue reading The Pocket Check


Grandma Pierre was a facetious woman, of this little was known. Before she passed, she bestowed seven rubies upon her sons. A revolution came: seven grandsons attempted their sales, to escape. All, but one, turned out fake. Grandma Pierre was a facetious woman. Of this, much is known.


Salt speckled his face as he watched the Emerging sun across the ocean. Every Approaching vehicle startled him, but He knew better than to hope for her Orange Vespa to ease the knot in his belly. Resignedly, he watched the Soft snoring bundle in his arms, Embracing the solitude, and her legacy.