About Me

Writer Profile_Whimsical

I’m an Indian-born, Gulf-raised, cinephile and bookworm. I moved to the ‘States for grad school and I currently reside in California, pursuing a career in clean energy. I appreciate storytelling of any kind, but I gorge on tales of time travel and murder mysteries — the more morbid the truth, the more invested I am in its unravelling. My writing however portrays a different dimension: I would much rather explore beauty in the mundane lives of ordinary people. I also find that it is greatly influenced by my experiences as a third culture kid.

I’ve been seriously pursuing writing since 2013, when I built my first blog. I now write at thepurplefenix.com and @PurpleFenixTales (on Instagram). I mostly dabble with fiction and micro-prose is my forte; a form of writing that restricts word counts to as little as 13 words. I’ve recently stumbled upon an idea that I’m exploring in the form of a novel. It goes without saying that I’m mortified at having to traverse this hitherto uncharted territory, yet excited at the prospect of finishing my first book.

Some of my other favourite things are fluffy puppies, leaf peeping, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ghar ka khaana, filter coffee, bubble tea and unnecessary stationery. I try to live by what a wise woman once taught me: to laugh often and much, to win the affection of intelligent people, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better — that is to have succeeded in life.