About Me


I’m an Indian-born, Gulf-raised, cinephile and bookworm who currently resides in California, pursuing a career in clean energy. I thrive off murder mysteries; the more morbid the truth, the more invested I am in its storytelling. Some of my other favourite things are fluffy puppies, walking on crunchy leaves, filter coffee, my mum’s cooking and the smell of fresh stationery.

After losing my original blog over at tinypurpleme in a bizarre twist of fate, I created thepurplefenix. Occasionally, you may find me in fits of nostalgia, re-posting old works and mourning the loss of my winner’s badges from online challenges. On most days however, you may find me with a cup of green tea in one hand and a warm hoodie enveloped around me while I scratch my head in frustration over a new piece of fiction.

I hope you find something around here that you really like. Feel free to poke around and leave a few sticky notes for me to find when I wake up the next morning.