Candle Re-Making

Strike a match, light a flame,

It burns a while, yet not enough

To avoid the concave.

You strike again, set it ablaze 

Although it dies before gathering pace. 

You repeat the process a dozen times

With different candles of myriad styles,

Each time leaving behind 

A pool of unspoken lines,

Awkward pauses, one-sided conversations, 

Unanswered texts, mismatched expectations, 

Unfinished dinners, and 

Disappointed encounters, until 

You finally resort to candle re-making 

To salvage what’s left along the paling.

Will this one last ‘til the wick is a stub,

Or fizzle and die in another puddle of snuff?

One thought on “Candle Re-Making

  1. The best candles are those that burn at both ends:
    Same wax, two wicks, two flames, two friends,
    Each burning its way to meet in the middle;
    And shedding more light than a one-sided candle.
    And if ever a storm should blow out a side,
    The other, still warm, could help reignite it.
    Yet, a flame abandoned keeps the heart yearning –
    It takes two to keep the hearth burning.


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