Dragon Trails

They struggled in the weeds together for an hour, before Billy decided they should split up.

‘Light a flare if you need help,’ he instructed, plodding away furiously.

Only when he lost his shadow around midday, did he begin to worry that Sarah might’ve found the egg first.

4 thoughts on “Dragon Trails

  1. I love the playfulness of this story and that last-minute dawning in Billy’s mind that he might have been tricked. A quick note on the prompt: it isn’t quite clear that Billy’s shadow is actually *missing.* It sounds more like the shadow isn’t actually gone, it’s just not visible because the sun is so high – which is not what the prompt asked for.


    1. Thanks Christine!

      I’m aware the word ‘midday’ could imply a shrunken shadow, not a missing one, but I felt like going with it anyway. I’ll admit my imagination was lacking this week. Hopefully it returns, and soon!

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  2. I like this; it makes me think! I wonder what losing his shadow indicates in regard to the discovery of the egg? I also wonder why, if he and Sarah are initially looking for the egg together, he worries that she might have found it first.


    1. Thank you! Yes, I was hoping to keep the intrigue alive, trying to hint at the fact that his shadow being lost could mean something graver than usual. 48 words are hard, haha.


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