Grandma Pierre was a facetious woman, of this little was known.

Before she passed, she bestowed seven rubies upon her sons.

A revolution came: seven grandsons attempted their sales, to escape.

All, but one, turned out fake.

Grandma Pierre was a facetious woman. Of this, much is known.

6 thoughts on “MacGuffin

  1. Ooo, a cruel trick to play on her children! It probably wasn’t as funny as she’d intended…


  2. This made me laugh – is that mean? 😛 I can totally imagine an old lady playing a joke on her family and cackling away from beyond the grave. I loved the way you started and ended with the same sentence.


    1. Thank you Sanch! I’m glad you’re enjoyed the rather morbid aspect of the piece. I can see it of many people to land a resounding blow just before they leave the earth, haha


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