The Leaf Peeper Chronicles

Hello, World. Are you as affected by the surreality of the year’s progression as I am? Never before have I grappled with the possibility that world events during my lifetime could see prominent inclusion in future history books and yet, here we are.

As world economies come to a grinding halt, I’d like to take time out for something I’ve been meaning to do for almost a year: to dedicate appreciation posts to my favourite people and talk about my journey thus far, while reminding myself that everything happens for a reason. 2019 was a particularly challenging year personally, and I think that this is the perfect opportunity for me to reflect on how (possibly, badly) I’ve navigated life over the last few years. 

Those of you who know me are aware of my infatuation with all things Fall (save for Pumpkin Spice Lattes): the vibrant colours, the crunchy leaves, jars of homemade apple butter and the warm scarves that the weather warrants. It should be no surprise to you that I decided to name this series after people who seek out fall foliage in the months leading up to winter. A metaphor for the pursuit of happiness, perhaps?

There are plenty of ways in which this series could evolve and I hope you will stick with me while I explore them. Through epic tales of misfortune, unsolicited advice and recounts of questionable decisions, you may recognise patterns leading up to the quarter-life crisis that came knocking last summer. I also hope, however, that you experience a sense of solidarity in learning that I am just yet another human fighting to appreciate the good things in life.

Stay safe out there, folks. I hope we come out of this thankful enough for the clear blue skies to invoke permanent change. I also hope your employers recognise your increased productivity from home and grant you those WFH days more frequently. Also, my love to your fluffy pets; I hope the transition back to normal life when this all blows over is gentle on them.

See you next time, when I’ll walk you through how I ended up in the ‘Land of Dreams’. 

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