Salt speckled his face as he watched the

Emerging sun across the ocean. Every

Approaching vehicle startled him, but

He knew better than to hope for her

Orange Vespa to ease the knot in his belly.

Resignedly, he watched the

Soft snoring bundle in his arms,

Embracing the solitude, and her legacy.

11 thoughts on “Seahorse

  1. The title, the opening image, and this week’s genre prompt had me thinking the woman was a mermaid. I really liked the thoughtful break between “her” and “Orange Vespa.” I would have liked “Resignedly” to have been an action instead of an adverb. Although, it might not be necessary because “he knew better” hints that he’s resigned.


  2. There is something about the Orange Vespa line that anchors this piece for me (in a good way). Thereโ€™s so much light and softness and that dose of reality let me find reference points for the piece.


      1. Iโ€™m doing a terrible job of explaining myself today! I liked that part because it kept the piece relatable. It almost felt like a version of magical realism because of that.


      2. Oh no, I got what you were saying, I’m simply agreeing with you that I like bringing my characters back down to earth (and in turn the reader) regularly. This was also in response to the acrostic poem guidelines in fact ๐Ÿ™‚

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