In Retrospect

What a year it has been— and my understanding of world events only spans the most popular conversations on Reddit forums. However, while we watched the world as we know it cease to exist in 2017, I personally made strides toward better mental health. It’s been a struggle since I first moved out to the ‘States in 2015, but the people I discovered this year never ceased to encourage me to develop the best version of myself. I’d like to take a moment to appreciate them, and to remind them to fight on for the things they believe in.

P.S: This is me doing my best at scrolling through half a dozen social media apps, making sure that I didn’t forget to thank someone. I hope I don’t disappoint.

@kunwar.kochar You’ve saved me from myself, time and again, and for that I am forever indebted to you. Our relationship may have begun out of convenience and with no regard for the future, but you have walked me out of some of my darkest hours, and now I would like to share all of life’s lighter moments with you. May we never again see such rough tides, and may we be strong enough to save ourselves, if they ever think to strike again. You never cease to amaze me, with your love, wisdom and ambition. May 2018 be the year of much winning and plenty more firsts.

@snjnpl @_sbhthrzwn_ My rocks, my constants across time, space and withering memories. The two of you have embarked on remarkable journeys this year in different parts of the world, and it makes me so proud to see the kind of bold, independent women you are today. Don’t ever back down from what your hearts’ desire. All my love and unconditional support.

@surajbratap Way to make a comeback, you despicable monster. I think we are living proof of the fact that time does indeed heal nasty burns. May you never run out of body-canvas to ink, and may you find solace in growing your art.

@naraayayni Hullo, beautiful. Thank you for being my Instagram pen-pal. I take great strength from the outpouring of love and support that you send my way when I’ve needed it most. Hope 2018 is kinder to us all, and that you and I get to spend some quality time together.

@jumpysince94 @akashrai7 @saurabhchhabra09 @abhihastak Time flies, out of sight, out of mind, but the one thing that guaranteed a beautiful day was a text from the people who gave me the best memories of my teenage years. I apologise for being unable to ever uphold a Snapchat streak. Tum sab chutiye ho, par mere chutiye ho.

@chefreezi I’m so glad I made it out to watch you speak, fellow Wolverine. Now I have a cool how-did-we-meet story, and someone to share future game-day madness with. You and Kim have been wonderful hosts to a brilliant NYE, I’m so glad you let me be a part of it! Here’s to a great new year and kicking climate change where it hurts most!

@jovijupi Hello Cuteness! You gave a lonely, awkward human being a chance at a new and exciting friendship out here in the Bay, based on nothing but the fact that we could’ve been future roommates. You’ve introduced me to my most favourite boba spot in the world, and for that I am ever grateful! May 2018 be your year of slaying, and may we discover more deliciousness along the way!

@dighegaurav Words cannot begin to describe how much I value your existence in my life. Thank you, for guiding me through some of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make in my life. You’ve been a huge inspiration and a wonderful friend! Onward, to 2018!

@aishmaraghu I know it’s been a rough ride, but you’ve begun an exciting new chapter of your life. I think it’s time to turn those experiences into fiction. I will always be rooting for you. Thank you for reviving Christmas this year and for introducing me to your new family in San Diego. I hope you find peace and happiness in the connections you make this year, and may you continue to hang tight to them! Much love.

@nambiar.krishna @asthaprasad93 @thejasonjolly We never had the chance to appreciate each other during the peaks of puberty and yet, we grew into adults who appreciate similar things in life. You personify nostalgia in a way that I cannot quite ignore, much like the excitement on the night before a school trip. Reunions await us, and I hope the stars align in just the perfect manner in 2018, to allow for them.

@alianaslan @62kumar62 @markslanger @jlead I would’ve never guessed that I would find colleagues who could amaze me and make me laugh as much as you guys did this year. You’ve made it so easy to move out here all by my lonesome, and provided me some life lessons. Thank you for all the exotic cocktails, pop culture conversations and California lingo tutorials. It’s been hella fun.

@rounakmehta @ismailhoucheimi @mhatre1793 @gayatrivora @dariachocolate I finally appreciate the concept of distance within a single city much more than ever before. My life would’ve been so small without you crazies, and my birthday even lonelier.  All hail the Pax. To several more board game nights!

@prateeksach Thank you for showing me all the reasons why I should hate the city less. You’ve brought some cool people (read: puppies) into my life here in the Bay. Here’s to more nights appreciating the view out your window, passing to the left, and exploring the night. I promise to ditch you for the South Bay less this year.

@nateffinstack @miczech I know that road trip was just an excuse to make it across the country to come visit me. I love you guys too. Come see me again soon. You are sorely missed. Awaiting more board game nights and experimentation with alcohol and deliciousness alike!

@eeknoth I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate; you have spoiled me for life. It’s been a joy to share a home with you, Brian and Lefty. Happy 2018!

@deeptimurali25 You crazy, wacky girl. I can’t begin to list all the reasons why 2017 was a better year simply because we found each other again. Thank you for all the food, love, music, friends and trippy nights that have accompanied you into my life. I am eternally grateful.

@prateek_malhotra31 It’s not every day that I find someone whom I can share comfortable silences with. Thank you for all the drunken nights, indulging me in Indian food and for making sure we brought Piggy home safe. P.S: Glass Animals has been the find of 2017, they make my heart happy. I can’t thank you enough!

@kattikarthik I will forever be that one mean friend of yours, I hope that spot isn’t taken already. You’re an amazing filter coffee machine and backyard-swing provider. Much love.

@nitzz93 @kishore.narendran @rajiv.shankar @riddhiyay @anvitha.narayan64 and all you ‘Bay Area Ragers’ whom I can’t find on Instagram, you made the second half of 2017 a literal rage fest. Kindly let’s have a sober new year? I jokes. What wonderful additions to my year of firsts. Much love to you all.

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