The Coliseum and the Girl

She marches, miles away from home,

Yet holding her own, wading further away, fighting the currents.

Yearning for friendships long rusted by distance and time zones,

The belief in belonging nearly withered, but not.

Mild intoxication is all it takes to scratch the surface:

Oozing insecurities, fatal inexperience, grave misdeeds.

Faltering her steps, while on a bright summer’s day, they’d vanish.

One wrong turn, one overshot train ride away,

She finds herself enveloped in a world,

Whole, flawed, a spectrum of everything in between,

More alluring than its glitzy, clandestine sisters,

Boasting of colours, some of which have never seen the light of day,

Fierce and proud in its unapologetic

Yet self-aware display of grit and resilient humanity.

In it she finds a sliver of herself,

Driven by exciting possibilities,

Doggedly evolving to protect her innumerable kinks.

Destroying her fiends while holding love near,

Watching her back while inching closer to the unattainable.

Will she survive without having to raise her katana?

Will she go down with naught a mention in history books?

Someday, she promises,

She’ll indulge in treasure-seeking.

Someday, she promises,

She’ll find contentment in life.

Someday, she promises

She’ll find her way back home.

Until then, she reflects, she won’t sleep much at all.



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