Just Another Sunday Afternoon

“Perimeter secure?”

I scanned the area around our picnic spot.


“Quick! Roy’s almost there!” Neil yelled, rushing towards our cover.

“We’re going to get into so much trouble if Dad finds out,” I called, as I followed him behind the coolers.

He rolled his eyes, focusing on his prey.

“Move over, I can’t see,” I mumbled, nudging him in his ribs. He scooted over distractedly, squinting over the top 

“Almost… Come on… Just sit your ass down on the blanket…” Neil egged him on, as he slowly walked up to our trap. But Roy seemed to have other plans; a girl lounging nearby seemed to have caught his attention.


“Goddamn it, how hard is it for us to get one prank right?”

“Looks like we’ll never beat Harvey and Hyde.”

“But we’re so much funnier than they are.”

“I guess we should just go yank the blanket off, before someone else–“

Nani!  No!”

There was a loud scream. And then–

Neil! Joy! What did you do?”

“Busted,” we mumbled, as we darted towards her.

*Nani: Grandma

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