Permanent Vagabond

My soul carries an equal amount of disdain for failed shawarma imitations, As it does for poorly cooked lentils and rice. I may have begun to cherish Bengali sweets at a young age, Yet my newfound love for quesadillas is quite a passionate one.   Having developed my driving skills under the sultry Gulf sun, … Continue reading Permanent Vagabond


Tiger Stripes

My right knee remembers the time I attempted to ride a scooter with you, Whizzing past affronted pedestrians, until we crash landed on the pavement. Below, my calf still begrudges the permanently unfinished stag, That was to keep the mangy black dog on your forearm company. There's wisdom in relenting to the persistence of baking … Continue reading Tiger Stripes


Salt speckled his face as he watched the Emerging sun across the ocean. Every Approaching vehicle startled him, but He knew better than to hope for her Orange Vespa to ease the knot in his belly. Resignedly, he watched the Soft snoring bundle in his arms, Embracing the solitude, and her legacy.