Matte Finish

It all started with the eye-shadow. Nina had roped me into a last-minute shopping trip, determined to make an impression at the bachelorette party. While she tried on a dozen different outfits, I inadvertently drifted toward the section of the store that flashed posters of flawless faces and exotic scents. After three encounters with store … Continue reading Matte Finish



Salt speckled his face as he watched the Emerging sun across the ocean. Every Approaching vehicle startled him, but He knew better than to hope for her Orange Vespa to ease the knot in his belly. Resignedly, he watched the Soft snoring bundle in his arms, Embracing the solitude, and her legacy.

Seeking: Un-solitary Non-confinement

Do you catch a waft of silent desperation? Hanging in the air Over my failed baking experiments Do my punchlines sound rehearsed? From the hours I spend, facing a mirror Perfecting my deliveries   Can you sense my uneasiness? When asked a personal question About a past riddled with broken relationships Do you recognise my … Continue reading Seeking: Un-solitary Non-confinement